Anonymous said: you're a cunt


Anonymous said: You shouldn't have cut your hair


Anonymous said: you're as stupid as your url.

You’re quite stupid yourself, if you are basing that on my Romney/Ryan post.

Anonymous said: do u know or are related to any one 'famous' idk

Okay this message has been sitting in my inbox since July but here:

If you mean like well-known musician/politician/actor famous, then no.

However, I am related to Guy E. Dixon, which is the man who first invented and patented Panelfold doors and walls as well as the machines that make them.

If you think you don’t know what Panelfold doors/walls are, you’re probably wrong. They’re doors/walls that fold.

Nowadays, you will probably find them most commonly folded in half for closet doors and such. But they are also used for acoustical, operable, and/or relocatable walls, doors, and panels.

Anonymous said: what's your sexuality? be str8 up.

um i guess pan b/c i’m attracted to girls and boys and females and males so~

aliciasimmons-deactivated201307 said: IM BACK


Anonymous said: you have a lovely face yes you do

wow um thank you 

this just made me feel a ton better

i hope you have a nice night :)

frameofbones said: katy why are you always looking hot wow i love your lips kiss me

i will kiss you anytime glenda darling

as soon as i get to la

Anonymous said: i had fun on tinychat with you :))

omg thank you and i really wish you would reveal yourself and i was going to stay longer but my computer froze

Anonymous said: how did you get into mcr?

I was a late bloomer with MCR, because of a ton of reasons. First of all because, I’m only 15. The other reasons you’ll find out later. I first knowingly heard them right after TBP was released. So one day I went to my friend Kristine’s house, and she and her older brother shared an ipod. I felt like listening to music, annnndd so I looked at the artists, and picked My Chem, put on some headphones, and listened to Cancer. I chose Cancer because the name made me curious since my dad had cancer. Anyway, so I start listening to the song, start crying, and run home sobbing since my house is like a street over and I didn’t want anyone to question why I was crying. Um okay so then I started listening to The Black Parade in it’s entirety and looking up the band members and quotes and experiences and blah blah blah. But THEN, I stumbled across a site that said MCR is emo. I didn’t want to be emo, so I strayed away from the band for a few years. My dad died in January of 2010, and that hit me really hard, worse than when I found out he was hiding his cancer from me. So on December 5, 2010, just a few weeks after DD was released, my friend Kelsea took me to 97x Next Big Thing 10, which My Chemical Romance happened to be headlining. I was excited about seeing them because of my many bittersweet memories with TBP. But also scared with my preconceived notions of them being emo which I knew very well they were not, but I know that other people thought so. Even though by 2010 I was past my emo stage so w/e. Anyway, we had to leave the concert early for one reason or another, and the song we left during was Helena, which I immediately connected to for a few reasons. One being the fact that we were leaving during that song, two, I just thought it was beautiful sounding, and three, I thought of my dad. So me being stupid and depressed or whatever, I started crying. I asked Kelsea what song it was and she said Helena, and then when I got home, I looked it up, and fell asleep listening to it. What was supposed to happen after that, was me listening to the rest of their songs, and finding out even more than I knew before. But sadly, I abandoned them again. Why? I don’t know, but I did. The next summer in 2011, I got into the fanbase on Tumblr somehow. I found Bridgette’s, Raychul’s, and Amber’s blog, downloaded the MCR masterpost, and then went on vacation for two weeks to drive down the 101 from Seattle to Los Angeles. Not a day went by where I didn’t listen to them. And then when school started, I listened to them everyday on the bus and during art class. I was back with them for good. I learned more about them in the Tumblr fanbase than anywhere else, and I felt good about everything. Now this didn’t take away my depression, but it did a great deal to make it less hard to get through. The thing with My Chem though, is that they will always remind me of my dad. Some days I had to listen to The Black Parade just to get by. But it was okay. And I’m still not better, but I’m getting there. Especially since I have My Chemical Romance as well as the people I’ve met through the band around to help me through. 

Anonymous said: Kinda weird but do you know what happened to elitistmcrfans?


Anonymous said: why are you so obsessed with raychul

okay here:

a) i’m not

b) she’s the person on here i talk to the most besides al

c) why do you care

d) are you jealous or something

e) she’s fun to draw as i have learned two days ago

f) she’s my friend and really nice and asking this is like saying why i am obsessed with bruises or legs or short skirts, i just like these things

g) fuck off i can do whatever i want

h) these reasons are pointless you’ll probably always think i am obsessed with her

i) she doesn’t mind so i don’t really give a shit

j) why are you stalking my blog

k) she likes when people draw her and make gifs of her

l) your ip address label in my statcounter is now “person who thinks i am so obsessed with raychul” just so you know

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