I’m Katie.

I am the main runner of welovepatrick, a blog dedicated to Patrick Stump.

I live in Florida.

I enjoy making lists.

This is what I look like.

I have thoughts and feelings and shit here.

Here are pictures I’ve taken.

Here are gifs I’ve made.

Here is art I’ve made.

This is the music that has at one point appeared on my blog.

These are the blogs I follow.

These are my favorite blogs I follow.

And these are the tags I use to organize my posts.

If you for some reason wish to know more about me, I set up a tag called “same” that contains various text posts, and a few pictures of things I do, things I am like, and opinions I agree with. Why? Because I’m a fucking narcissist.

contact me: facebook - twitter - skype - alexisawseven@gmail.com

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